Staffy Pit Bulls

Staffy Pit Bulls

Before getting one of these dogs, it is important to realize that there is much misinformation around the natures of ” pit bulls” and there are campaigns to outlaw the dogs. Check into local ordinances carefully to be sure that you can legally own one of these dogs in your town.

Despite the ” pit bull” reputation this dog has received, there are few breeds quite so in love with the human race as the Stafford. In his native Britain, his nickname is “the children’s nursemaid.” But make no mistake: He’s a terrier through and through, and thus he digs, he chases cats, and he’s not always great with other dogs. Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in bringing home a Stafford.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a vibrating, dancing, chortling love machine in the body of a warrior. He definitely does not love other dogs, however, and he’s also not too fond of cats, although a few Staffords that are raised with other household pets can live with them in harmony. Just don’t count on it.

The Stafford is smallish – under 40 pounds – and similar in looks to the larger American Staffordshire Terrier. Despite his size, he’s a powerful dog, and can be a challenge to walk on a leash if not well-trained.

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