Breeding licence regulations update

Breeding licence regulations update

Breeding licence regulations update – April 2019

DEFRA has issued a note to local authorities in England in which is made clear any member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme of at least three years’ standing should be awarded a five-star breeding licence valid for three years. ABS members who have less than three years membership of the ABS or have had a licence for three years should receive a four-star licence valid for two years. The only exception would be where significant evidence of poor animal welfare standards or non-compliance is found during a local authority inspection.

Defra has also provided further clarification regarding the £1,000 trading income licensing exemption, which has caused considerable confusion for all parties, with many believing that this is a threshold for which anyone exceeding it would require a dog breeding licence. Defra has now made it clear that the “£1,000 trading income as referred to in the guidance documents should be used as an indicator and not a ceiling as someone with over £1,000 trading income may not be a commercial dog breeder or pet seller and they may not be making a profit”.

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